Keafon’s Project

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create partnerships with impoverished communities that improve healthcare, education and increase economic well-being. We collaborate with our counterpart organizations (WANLAINJO) to build sustainable solutions that improve quality of life for the long-term,and creating opportunities for personal empowerment. Our projects are more than just constructing a building; there is a huge focus on training, education, and continuing community and government support to ensure that projects are used for their intended purpose and that the level of service remains high. Our continuing health education program and community cleaning/personal empowerment days are two examples. SHOP KEAFON'S MEMORABILIA and Change someone's life in the world,THANK YOU  see more   

Why Cameroon

Why Cameroon is an answer many people will want to ask and to know. Here are the reasons. High Poverty - Keafon's Project was started by the Keafon Lainjo in Honor of Mr/Mrs VT LAINJO (his grandparents) and the Great People of Kumbo and because of his personal connections to Kumbo in particular and Cameroon in general. Cameroon has one of the highest rural poverty rate in the entire world – 74% of rural Cameroon live in extreme poverty. Although Cameroon has seen economic growth over the past few years, many of these advancements have taken place in urban regions of the country. Working in rural Cameroon can be very challenging; many of the communities we work in have very bad roads and for many organizations these circumstances present too much of a challenge to work in, and oftentimes these communities are ignored. The impact of this poverty falls especially hard on Cameroon’s mothers and children. Of 100,000 live births, 250 women will lose their lives. 3 of every 10 children die by age one. Most of these deaths result from preventable gastrointestinal infections and diseases for which effective vaccinations are available.

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